10 Markets in Chandigarh That Saw Maximum Rush During Diwali Festive Days

Diwali is not just a festival, it is altogether an extravaganza for weeks to celebrate lights, truth, honesty, colours, sweets, gifts and many such things! All these things calls for one major task which is SHOPPING. Although each sector in Chandigarh has its own market but then there are some special ones that are visited by people from as far as Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur etc. Some markets see huge rush as compared to others.

We all are very lucky to have so many markets in Chandigarh and that too with a blend of everything. We, here at Chandigarh Metro went across the city to witness the rush and here’s a list of 10 markets that saw the maximum crowd.

  • Sector 22

This sector’s market is most crowded in all of Chandigarh. You will always find all beautiful girls, gorgeous ladies or even handsome men shopping in Sector 22 for Diwali. It’s not just the Shastri Market that is most crowded but vendors sitting on the footpath in main market and near Kiran Cinema see huge rush. Another good thing about this area is that the prices are very competitive. One reason why Sector 22 sees a huge rush during Diwali festive days is because it is the oldest sector of Chandigarh. It also has a jewellery market that is too crowded during festive days.

  • Sector 19

Sector 19 has is one sector that sees maximum amount of footfall. It has many footwear shops as well as crockery stores. Street vendors in Sector 19 line up the entire footpath and sell almost every item related to Diwali. Decoration item stalls, gift shops also see a huge crowd. The market faces some serious parking problems. Huge rush was also witnessed at clock shops towards Palika Bazaar as people treat clocks as a good gift item for Diwali.

  • Sector 17

No wonder, why this sector is called heart of city beautiful. The most famous central shopping area, needs no description why it sees the crowd. Sector 17 amazes us everytime on Diwali with its huge bulged rush in its showrooms. Artificial jewelry stalls, roadside bangles, food stalls and everything you need to shop for Diwali is there at Sector 17. Perfect thing about “Staaara Di Market” is “It has both expensive as well as budgeted shopping options”.  Probably most famous through songs and media, this sector has lavish brands and restaurants of all kinds.

  • Sector 35

Sector 35 is famous for many reasons, whether its about all food brands chain, or pubs or electronic gadget stores or restaurants. So, this Diwali Sector35 was one of the most crowded sector in Chandigarh. There is also an inner market in Sector 35 where from where people buy diyas, candles and even electric lights.

  • Sector 18

The biggest electronic market of Chandigarh is in Sector 18. People come here to buy lights in order to decorate their house. Not just lights but electrical goods, decoration lamps and electronic appliances are bought from this place which adds sector 18 to our list of most crowded markets. Sector 18 also has numerous crockery stores which are thronged by public in order to purchase crockery and gifts.

  • Sector 34

WEll, Sector 34 is famous for coaching institutes but what made sector 34 crowded this Diwali was the inner market of this sector. With eatable shops and the grand furniture market, Sector 34 finds a place in the most crowded sectors of Chandigarh during Diwali festive days. Another thing that contributed to the crowd in Sector 34 was UTSAV festival that was going on at Exhibition ground in front of furniture market.

  • Sector 26

With a lot of wholesale shops that sell dryfruits, Sector 26 is yet another place that saw a huge crowd during Diwali days. The grain market also has some shops that sell gift packs on huge discounts, so immense crowd was witnessed at Sector 26, especially on the Madhya Marg side. Some other stores that attracted crowd during Diwali days in Sector 26 include – sweet shop bikenarwala, Kumar Mega Mall and jewellery stores. Even cracker stalls saw huge rush in Sector 26.

  • Sector 15

Near to Panjab University, Sector 15 Market is the one that sees maximum youth crowd. Even during Diwali, when almost all students staying in PG were at their hometown, Sector 15 saw huge rush of people in the market. Crockery shops, Gift shops and street side vendors were the ones that did brisk business.

  • Sector 20

This market though most famous for its laptops and accessories market has two parts one is the main market on the road when one comes from Sec-32 hospital road and one is the inner market which has authentic quality blankets and all decoration items for Diwali. Sector 20 again makes it to our list of most crowded sector in Chandigarh on the eve of Diwali.

  • Manimajra

Last but not the least on our list is Manimajra market. We bet you cannot simply drive through the market during festive days. The rush in the market speaks for itself. Its all that you can get in this area – from sweets to automobiles to accessories and clothing, this place has it all. The best but at the same time most difficult thing here is to walk down the lane here on Diwali, you need to literally pave your way out of the crowd towards destination due to obvious reasons.

Which sector market did you visited. Comment below and let’s see your contribution for rush in Chandigarh during Diwali festive days.

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