After Negative DNA Test of Newborn, Second Uncle Held for Raping 10-Year Old

After the DNA reports came negative, the Police have now arrested another person in the 10-year old’s rape case. The police have arrested the younger brother of the main accused who was earlier arrested by the police for raping and impregnating the 10-year old in Chandigarh.

In the 10-year old’s rape case, the first maternal uncle of the victim was who was initially accused of raping and impregnating her, was arrested by the police two months back. He was charged for raping the minor for seven months. All the efforts of the Chandigarh Police and administration went futile when the DNA samples that were collected from the key accused did not match with the newborn baby that was delivered by the minor rape survivor.

The DNA report changed everything about the case

A forensic report that was submitted to the Punjab and Haryana High Court had made the shocking revelation that the DNA of the accused rapist do not match with the newborn. The minor rape survivor had delivered a baby girl in August.

The moment the negative DNA report was produced, the investigators were left with only one daunting question – if it is not the arrested maternal uncle, then who is the father of the newborn? The Chandigarh Police even suspected that there could be someone else who had abused and impregnated the minor girl.

Following subsequent counselling, questioning and investigations of the minor rape survivor,  it was noted that the younger brother of the main accused, the second maternal uncle of the minor girl had also abused the 10-year old several times.

Forensic report of the DNA

The Police have arrested the second uncle of the 10-year old rape survivor and are about to get a DNA testing done. The police will be using samples from the second accused to check if the DNA of the second maternal uncle match with the DNA of the newborn or not?

The police had sought to test the DNA sample of the older uncle tested again which was opposed by the defence counsel citing that the DNA sample cannot be collected from the same person a second time.

What is the case?

The 10-year-old minor girl was raped in Chandigarh by her maternal uncle. The case to the limelight when the victim was denied an abortion by a district court after she was found seven months pregnant. The court dismissed the abortion plea citing that the girl’s pregnancy has reached an advanced stage and she is too young to undergo the abortion procedure.

The family had also approached the Supreme Court of India, which dismissed the abortion plea of the girl after through checkup was done by PGI Doctors.

Source: News18

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