Drunk Driving in Chandigarh | 2181 Challans Already Issued for year 2016

Chandigarh traffic police seems to be focusing on curbing drunk driving in the city as a large number of people have already been challaned in year 2016 for this particular offence. To be precise, 2181 challans have been issued in the first 6 months of 2016 i.e. from 1st January to 30th June. It is not just the car drivers who are being challaned, but even 2-wheelers are being checked at nakas and if found guilty, are challaned for drunk driving.

Digging a bit deeper in the stats: On Average Basis

  • Daily Drunk Driving Challans in Chandigarh = 12
  • Number of challans forĀ Drunk Driving in Chandigarh every month = 360

Nakas are laid during late evening hours almost on a daily basis. Locations too keep on changing depending on the plan. Special alco-meters are used to check the percentage of alcohol in one’s blood. Cops ask the driver to pump in air in the alco-meter and it instantly gives the percentage of alcohol. If it exceeds the permissible limit, the driverĀ is asked to come out and a challan is issued. It’s not that simple, if the acho-meter reads a value that is more than 50%, then the vehicle is impounded and the driver is asked to go home by public means or by a cab. In this case, he/she is not allowed to drive.

These nakas in Chandigarh are laid at strategic locations that lead to restaurants, pubs, party venues etc. If you are thinking that you can come back home late at night and noone can catch you that time, then let us tell you that these drink and drive nakas are active well beyond midnight.

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In one of its kind, 33 people were sent to jail for drunk driving on the eve of Holi in Chandigarh.

33 Challaned for Drunk Driving on Holi | Sent to 1 Month Jail in Chandigarh

Well, drink and drive challans do not account for majority of challans done everyday. The maximum number of challans make uo for red light crossing and other violations.

Whatever the violation maybe, Chandigarh Traffic Police earns a good amount of money for the Chandigarh Administration.

Chandigarh Traffic Police earned 10.84 Crore revenue from Challans in 2015

The stats come from police sources and were published in Indian Express.


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