Haryana | The State May Lose Over 70% of its Forest Cover

It’s sad to know that Haryana may lose 70% of its forest cover. Green activists raised their voice against the Haryana government and submitted an affidavit in the National Green Tribal ( NGT ). The affidavit stated that the Aravalli plantation areas are not forests.

As per the Forest Report 2015 by the Forest Survey Of India, 90% forest falls in South Haryana and also Haryana has the second lowest forest cover in India after Punjab. Around 50,000 hectares that fall under the Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLPA), 1900, and Aravalli plantation could be at stake because of the faulty policies of the state government, activists said.

Aravalli Plantation At Stake

As per the activists, Aravalli Plantation could be at stake. This is because of the faulty policies of the state government. Apart from Aravalli plantation, about 50,000 hectares that fall under the Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLPA), 1900 would also be at stake. Some more things you should know:

  • 1,00,000 hectares fall under the Aravallis in south Haryana
  • 25,000 hectares are identified as forest under sections 4 and 5 of  Punjab Land Preservation Act
  • 62,000 hectares have been identified as natural conservation zone
  • 12,800 hectares have been put under the ‘yet to be decided’ category

Misleading Affidavit Filed By The Government

As per an environment analyst, The government of Haryana filed a misleading affidavit on January 6, 2017, with respect to the Aravalli plantation areas. The affidavit stated that clearance is not applicable to Aravalli plantation areas for non-forest activities under the Forest Conservation Act, 1980. The affidavit will protect the illegal mining happening in the deemed forest areas of the Aravallis and will mislead the tribunal.
The Supreme Court in 2004 had strictly ordered that no mining activity can be done in the areas where plantation has been undertaken under the Aravalli project.

Aravalli Project 1992

The Supreme Court’s orders in 2004 were ordered when the apex court observed that large-scale plantations were carried out under the Aravalli project. As per the documents, an increase is there in the forest cover in Haryana.

The increase in the forest cover in Haryana is in Gurgaon and Faridabad due to the plantation under the Aravalli Project. The Divisional commissioner said that they are reviewing the Punjab Land Preservation Act land areas so that they can get a clear picture. He also said that the affidavit of Aravalli plantation areas in the court and he can’t comment on that issue.

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