A New Archaeological Museum is Coming Up in Panchkula & It Will Have 2 Lakh Artifacts

Haryana’s biggest museum is all set to come up in Panchkula region and it will an “Archaeological Museum”. The state-of-the art museum has been sanctioned by the Haryana CM and would be constructed as a “green building” in Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana. The Archaeological museum would house nearly 2 lac artifacts which is a whopping count indeed.

About the Archaeological Museum

Establishing contacts of pitching in the best curators, architects and designers of the town, the biggest Archaeological Museum is all set to be built on the modern concept of “Green Building.” The features incorporated would be ‘self sustainable and energy efficient’ for instance installation of solar panels at the rooftop to harness the solar energy for the geographical position is such of the region. Such value added features would make it ‘one-of-its kinds’ structures that would come up in the Chandigarh’s tricity region in Panchkula, Haryana.

What would all the Archaeological Museum house?

The museum is all set to shake local residents off from its complacency. Right from the planning stage, so much effort has been imbibed in its design and curation that it is becoming the talk of the town that is picking up gradually.

  • Ranging from housing artifacts dated back to 7000 BC and Harappan civilisation
  • Archaeological Museum to possess 2 lac artifacts procured from Haryana grounds
  • Pre-Harappan period artifacts to be included too in the museum
  • A movie theatre to be built on the museum’s premises
  • A sole section dedicated to possessing valuable documents and archives of the state
  • Valuables dated back to Mughal era to till date journey of Haryana to be depicted
  • Archaeological Museum to accommodate offices of archaeology department of Haryana too

Highlights of the Archaeological Museum

Principal Secretary of Haryana’s department of archaeology has a vision and to make that dream come true, some exquisite salient features that need to be highlighted even way before the museum is to be built are listed as follows. Take a look and faint!

  • The façade of the Archaeological Museum to be thematic in approach
  • The theme incorporated to include seals associated with the Harappan Civilisation
  • The museum to be made interactive to attract younger crowd
  • Building to possess well-sculptured terrace gardens in its premises
  • Aesthetics to be enhanced by depicting murals showcasing rich cultural heritage of the state
  • Specially curated storage rooms with controlled atmospheric conditions of optimum needs
  • Controlled and optimized temperature, humidity, light, rays etc. to be ensured to avoid deterioration of the priced possessions by virtue of over exposure to atmosphere

The two year completion time estimated with around INR 70 crores investment to build and construct the biggest museum of Haryana state that would take up 50,000 sqft of area is already sweeping us off from the grounds. The commendable decision taken up by the authorities is indeed a step towards remembering our past of rich cultural heritage and nostalgia of journey of evolution of mankind. With so much heavy stuff that is coming up in the Chandigarh region soon, all we look forward to its proper execution and timely completion.

Gear up Chandigarhians for let us welcome our flashbacks this time with open eyes and arms!!!

Source: TOI

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