Here’s Why There’s No Smog in Chandigarh While Delhi is Full of It

Everyone might have heard the news about smog in Delhi. Prior to the news of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 made illegal, social media was full of pictures showing an ugly face of Delhi due to immense smog. Chandigarh is just 250 KM from New Delhi and we don’t even have a centimeter of smog in the city.

Ah, we all know that it is the city beautiful and we honestly also know that many people in Chandigarh had burst crackers on Diwali eve. Another fact is that Chandigarh has the highest vehicle density in India and yet our city is way better than Delhi. Now, the question is that there might be a reason for no smog in Chandigarh. Through this post, we have tried giving you an answer.

What is Smog?

Smog is a mixture of smoke & fog. This is generally formed when harmful smoke gets mixed with dense amounts of fog. Since winters are arriving, the increasing density of fog and the increasingly dangerous pollution has made it a deadly combination. Smog can be a major cause of all the respiratory ailments both long term & short term. It also causes severe nausea and breathing problems.

Why No Smog in Chandigarh:

The number of vehicles  in Chandigarh has doubled in the last 9 years but still there is no smog. Well, the city is getting polluted but certain things gifted to us by nature and the strategic location of the city make it simply awesome. Here are few things that can be considered as reasons.

  • Close to Shivalik Hills

Yes, Chandigarh has the support of Shivalik hills on whose foots it is located. The mountain winds clear the particulate matter very easily and thus doesnt let the problem built up. Its basically the topological and geographical location of Chandigarh. The natural air and the freshness of this range is the topmost reason that Chandigarh is protected environmentally.

  • Planned with Green Belts

The second most important savior of Chandigarh is its planning. Every roadside of Chandigarh is full of trees and every roundabout has tonnes of greenery. The place of trees in Chandigarh helps guard the oxygen levels and its balance in the city beautiful.

  • Low Traffic Havoc

In Delhi, the problem worsens because of the volumes of traffic on the streets. Most of the vehicles do not even carry a valid pollution check certificates. Chandigarh, on the other hand has lesser amount of traffic and is a well managed one. Strict pollution laws also help to reduce the problem.

  • Lesser Crowds

Unlike Delhi, Chandigarh is not flooded with people in an erratic manner. Proper placing & balanced habitat is also a big factor for relief.

The highest Levels of Smog in Chandigarh:

As of now, the highest recorded levels of Smog in Chandigarh was on the next day of Diwali but even they were not that high as to create a problem as big as Delhi. Further since Shivalik winds are moving even faster now, its expected to bring decrease in the suspended harmful matters in Chandigarh. So, we can further expect a more purified air in and around the city.

Source: Indian Express

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