Chandigarh bags “The Greenest City of India” title

Chandigarh, the city beautiful has been given the title of Greenest City of India for the year 2015-16 due to the widespread green cover within the city. Apart from the commonly known gardens which are a tourist spot in Chandigarh, the city has numerous parks in each sector. Not just this, all roads in Chandigarh boost of lush green trees on both sides. If all this is not enough to make you believe Chandigarh as the greenest city of India, then read on as we have more!

Chandigarh is surrounded by a massive tree area on all its four sides. Towards the east, Chandigarh has got a huge area of mango trees on the road dividing the residential sectors 28, 29 31 with the industrial area. Towards the south, it has a forest area on the main road dividing Chandigarh and Mohali. In the north, Chandigarh has Kansal Forests and the Sukhna Lake Forest area. Overall, all the green cover in the city makes Chandigarh the greenest city of India.

Some Facts about Chandigarh: The Greenest City of India

Total green cover area of Chandigarh: 53.26 sq km.

Green Cover percentage: 38.04% of total geographical area of Chandigarh.

Forest Area in UT: 34 sq km =  29%

Main Gardens: Rose Garden, Bougainvillea Garden, Japanese Garden, Leisure Valley, Shanki Kunj, Cactus garden, Rajendra Park, Botanical Garden, Garden of Fragrance, Traffic Park, Garden of Silence, Terraced Garden, etc. Source – The Tribune

Chandigarh has so many gardens spread al over its geographical area that it is often called as the city of gardens. No doubt that the majority of green cover for Chandigarh comes from the forest areas but these gardens have played an important role in making Chandigarh the greenest city in India.

Top 10 greenest cities of India:

According to India Times, top 10 cities in the list of Greenest cities of India according to their serial number include:

Chandigarh – The Greenest City of India
  1. Chandigarh
  2. Nagpur
  3. Gandhinagar
  4. Guwahati
  5. Mysore
  6. Dehradun
  7. Jamshedpur
  8.  Shimla
  9. Bhopal
  10. Bhubaneshwar

The top rank bagged by Chandigarh has not just delighted the residents of the city but has also brought a moment of pride to those living nearby Chandigarh or ones who are related to the city beautiful in some way or the other.

Prior to this, Chandigarh had bagged two more awards. You may click on the title to read about those:

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