Ola Share Comes to Chandigarh & You Can Save Upto 50% of Fare Cost

For all you guys from Chandigarh using Ola Cabs, there’s a good news. Ola Share, the share ride service from Ola Cabs is now available in Chandigarh. This new service has been launched in 10 cities across India with Chandigarh being one of them. Ola Share enables users to share a cab ride with others on the same route. The best part about Ola Share is that it save you some fare and also reduces congestion on the road. Ola Share can be used by up to 3 people at the same time who want to travel on the same route.

Being a modern city, tons of people in Chandigarh use on-demand radio cabs which are available at just a click of a button. Chandigarh has been a key market for OLA, so the company launched their Ola Share in the city to give users a more pocket friendly option.

Ride Sharing Has Become a Necessity

Well, Chandigarh is a smart city and this ride sharing facility would add to its smart image. This would mean lesser traffic, manageable rides and lesser times on road. Though our city is already famous for its planning and traffic policing, ride sharing was much needed so that people can share rides to de-congest roads and even save on fare. Chandigarh has been witnessing higher traffic jams, parking issues and road rage incidents quite often. The city has highest car density in India. So we all should agree that shared ride service is the need of the hour.

How to Use Ola Share in Chandigarh

Ola ‘Share’ option is available on the Ola app itself. It is available as a separate category which uses intensive programs to fetch results in which different users are linked together for a common route based on pick-up and drop location information you enter. A maximum  of 3 people can share the ride which are picked according to their respective GPS locations and the interface sends this information to the driver so that he may accomplish the task.

The main highlight of this service is the fact that its so pocket-friendly that it reduces the taxi fare by upto 50%.

Similar to Ola Share, Uber too has a ride sharing option called UberPool, but it is not available in Chandigarh as of now.

Impact of Ola Share in Chandigarh

Well! There is no second opinion about the fact that people of Chandigarh love hangouts and are social. With Ola Share, users can go and choose a group to travel according to their social interests, and it will help like-minded people with similar interests to get in touch with each other. This service is not only pocket friendly for users but also gives the city drivers some extra benefits due to increased revenues which may amount upto 50% more due to constant booking requests.

So, next time whenever you decide to use Ola Cabs in Chandigarh, try using the ride share feature – Ola Share.

Image: Hindustan Times


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