This 18 Year Old Girl Gave Life to 5 Patients at PGI Upon her Death

They say “Count your life in good deeds, not in years”.

This 18 year old girl, Anju Dhiman, a student of B.Com first year might not be in this world anymore, but she has given a new lease of life to 5 patients who were battling to live at PGI, Chandigarh. Here’s the story of this amazing deed.

Anju Dhiman was studying in Yamunagar, Haryana and was a jolly person. She met with an accident and got severe head injuries. She survived but doctors in Yamunanagar referred her to PGI in Chandigarh. Anju’s family brought her to Chandigarh on 3rd June in the hope that she would be treated well and soon be fine.

Fate had its own course. PGI doctors tried their best but finally declared Anju as brain dead. The family was in shock but nothing could be done at this point of time.

Doctors convinced Anju’s family for organ donation and they soon agreed. Ramesh Dhiman, Anju’s father said that they had no problem with their daughter’s organs been transplanted to other patients who would lead a healthy life. He said that her daughter would live even after her death. Anju’s organs – kidneys, liver, corneas etc. were retrieved and transplanted to 5 different patients at PGI.

Anju was quite young and her death is surely the biggest loss to her family and friends. While she can never return back but her organs have given a new life to 5 other people in this world.

Organ donation cases are increasing at PGI Chandigarh which is a good sign. People are becoming aware about organ donation and how organ transplantation can save life of others. While blood donation is considered as the biggest donation, we say that organ donation is even bigger. We salute Anju’s family for this noble cause and pray for Anju’s soul to rest in peace.

Source: Indian Express

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