Parents Cry Foul as Chandigarh Private Schools Increase Fee by Over 50%

Toddlers of Chandigarh are all set to begin the journey of their life with the school from 1 April. All the private schools of the city are going to start their new sessions from April 1, 2017. Although it is the start of the children life, but this has been turned into a nightmare for their parents. As private schools have increased their fee for more than 50% for the new session. Now, parents have to pay the double fee for their wards in Chandigarh private schools as per the revised fee.

Status of Private School fee in Chandigarh

Every year Private Schools use to increase fee according to their whims and fancies that result in the headache of the parents. As there are no standards of fee hike in the city, so schools do whatever they want to do and the parents fail to provide best studies to their child.

  • Schools hiked their fee by 45- 67% in the city.
  • Where parents are paying Rs. 2500, from now onwards they have to pay Rs. 5000 approx.
  • Out of 82 schools in Chandigarh, Strawberry Fields World School is the most expensive one in the city with the annual fee of Rs 1.15 Lakh.
  • Even Gurukul Global School is equally expensive as it charge Rs. 74,250 per annum and Rs. 60,000 for fresh admission.

In addition to this, one also have to pay for transportation, books, uniform and charges for extracurricular activities.

And the new fee in Chandigarh

Almost all the private schools in the city have increased its fee that has made it difficult for the parents to admit their child in a good school.

  • Chitkara International School has increased its fee from Rs. 9750 to Rs. 16290.
  • Whereas, Delhi Public School has raised its fee from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 6000.
  • Also, St. Kabir School has hiked its tuition fee from Rs. 16965 to Rs. 22725.
  • Mount Carmel will be charging Rs. 60000 per annum.
  • And in Bhavan Vidyalaya School, one have to pay Rs. 49000 per annum.

Mount Carmel School has hiked its fee to 96% in this new session. Chitkara School increased the fee by 67% and Bhavan Vidyalaya by 65%. Even to fight against the illegal hike of the fee, parents have also moved to court.

With the passing years, the education sector is getting more costlier that too toddlers education is becoming the headache for the parents.

Source: HT  

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