PGI OPD to have Display Boards for information about Doctor Availability

In yet another initiative taken by PGI Chandigarh, the management has decided to put up display boards in the OPD area which which will display the information about availability of doctors in various departments. This initiative has been taken after various complaints from patients who said that there should be some system by which a patient and his attendants could know the doctors name and also know if that doctor is available for the day or not.

The display boards will display the names of doctors which are on duty and will also display the names for doctors who are on leave. It becomes quite a hassle for patients who come on a specific day for follow up and are not able to find that particular doctor. No information is available to them. Trying to solve this problem, the digital boards in the OPD area will display how many doctors are there in a particular department along with their names so that it is easy for patients.

Advanced cardiac centre has become the first department to put up a display board near the registration counter. This will enable patients to know if their doctor is available or not and if not than which other doctor is available for the day prior to registration. Soon, all departments will have these boards near the registration area.

To know how you can register online at OPD of PGI, please read the entire process here: PGI OPD Online Registration.


Ajay Deep

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