PU Chandigarh Declared Best Educational Institution in India

Panjab University in Chandigarh has made us all proud as it has been ranked as the best educational institute in India. This is not the first time that Panjab University has been ranked as the best educational institution in India, but every time it gets on the top of the list, the city and those who have studied from here get delighted. PU has been on the forefront in every regime because of the class apart way of doing things and the way it brings out the best from everything.

No. 1 Rank for PU, Chandigarh

The rankings where PU has been given the first spot were based on 12 parameters. One of the parameters was books on which our very own PU topped the list with a maximum of 925 points.

However, in  another category, PU stood last. This was the number of International Collaborations and our Panjab University just scored 7 points.

But this didn’t let PU down for making it the best university in the country. Apart from being the best university, it has been ranked as the second best educational institution in the country.

Who Ranks It:

This ranking came from the US News & Global Report, according to which PU is the best university and the second best educational institution in the country. The credit is always a shared one between the teachers, dedicated students, Research Scholars & all the ones associated with the university. Kudos to the team for making Chandigarh stand out of the crowd in the field of education.

PU The All Rounder:

Panjab University has always been ranked as a top university in terms of many things. Apart from education, it’s always a highlighted one for events, celebrity visiting the place and on campus happening life. The Vice Chancellor Arun Kumar Grover expressed his happiness by saying that it’s a satisfying news that PU has made it to the top as the competition was tough with the leading universities in India.

It is a matter of pride for people associated to PU, Chandigarh and the City Chandigarh on the whole.

Source: The Tribune

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