Chandigarh has Maximum Number of Running Enthusiasts & We’re Proud

Chandigarh bags top slot in the pan India survey of cities having maximum number of running enthusiasts. Yes, the city beautiful is again in Good news as it has the most of the fitness freak population in the entire nation. Chandigarh is made beautiful by the beautiful people that are residing in it. Making Chandigarh bag the title of “India’s Second Most Fit City” after Pune, Chandigarh’s fitness enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate now.

With increase in number of gyms for indoor workouts, plenty of sports stadiums, frequently organised fitness group activities, Group tasks at lake, concept of open gyms in the city gardens, to simply establishing jogging tracks at every alternate garden of the city beautiful, the locals get motivated by the facilities made available to them free of cost to inculcate healthy lifestyle as their daily norm.

About the Fit India Survey by Reebok including Chandigarh

Fit India survey carried out by Reebok was done at pan India level to rate the ‘health and fitness quotient’ of the cities in India. Here’s what they did.

  • Survey carried out and tested over 1500 men and women in India
  • A total of 8 cities were included and rated in the survey
  • People belonging to the age group of 20 to 35 years of age were surveyed
  • The judgement criteria being performing atleast one activity of fitness per week
  • 9 out of 10 people feel fitness as an important part of daily life
  • 80% people feel motivated to pursue healthier lifestyle
  • The criteria had three parameters on the basis of which ratings were issued
  • First parameter being the “feeling of being fit” in the mindsets of the people
  • Second parameter being, as to how much time in terms of number of hours a person engaged in the fitness activity per week
  • After number of working out hours, the frequency was a major parameter to be considered
  • Also, number of fitness activities one is a part of is also counted

Who wins who loses ? Reebok says it all

No matter how fit the population of a city feels itself to be like, the final combined ratings by Fit India Survey by Reebok reveals it all.

  1. Pune tops the list by bagging No. 1 position with a score of 7.65% in being the most fit city
  2. Chandigarh gets second rank with a score of 7.35 on the scale of fitness meter by having maximum number of running enthusiasts
  3. The list goes on and southern states like Bengaluru, Chennai & Hyderabad scores the lowest of all

With more and more fitness enthusiasts being churned out from the sleepy lazy city residents, the fitness gear is their new demand. Catering to the demand and keeping their motto of “Fitness is Life”, Reebok gave a strong message to the nation with Pune and Chandigarh as leading examples of the same.

From “Diabetic Capital” to “Fitness Capital” | Chandigarh

Last year being termed as the diabetic capital of nation, Chandigarh’s punjabi foodie crowd we think could not digest the title so here they go, worked out so hard that the city is now known as the “Fitness Capital” of India. The ‘transformation has been tremendous’ and the ‘contrast is for real’. With Pune population’s sixty percent fraction spending around 4 hours a week on fitness, Chandigarh marginally lags behind. The pursuit of Chandigarh people to adopt healthier lifestyle has borne fruitful results and we are more than happy with the title we got.

What more does the next title after “City of Gardens” is required by Chandigarh? A title wherein people use those gardens maybe ! Bahh, you think, they have made it an absolute reality. Hail you all Chandigarhians, run, jog,jump, dance, do whatever you feel like, but keep that “jumping rabbit” inside your bodies alive because you never know, a nice good habit of yours can bring laurels to your city, the way our city beautiful Chandigarh got !!!

Source : ET

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