Security at Chandigarh International Airport is being Overhauled for International Operations

You might have heard a lot of news about the Chandigarh International Airport during recent times. It is actually a good gesture for our city and the airport starting international flights makes us believe that our city is progressing at a fast pace.

With the launch of international flights from Chandigarh, people from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and other nearby states will come to Chandigarh to board flights. There’s no doubt that in coming days, Chandigarh International Airport will be one of the busiest airports of North India. But what about the security? 

With terrorist threats, passenger security remains a major concern. Although there are various security checks which you need to pass through while entering the airport, operation of international flights need much more secure environment. To ensure a tight security cover at Chandigarh airport, the process is being strengthened and manpower would be increased from 50 to 250 security personnel. A meeting was held by the Ministry of Home Affairs and orders have been passed to strengthen the security at Chandigarh Airport. A senior functionary of BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security) inspected the Chandigarh airport last week and held meetings to review the security measures at the airport.

How the security is being increased:

  • The temporary police post would be replaced by a police station. It means that the airport will have a special police station coming up in the premises.
  • 250 security personals will be deployed.
  • Watch towers will be set up outside the airport.
  • Two bomb squad teams and two anti-sabotage teams will be present at all times to provide enhanced security at the airport.
  • There will be a quick reaction team too.

 All these security measures being taken up at the airport are much needed. As of now, there are 2 international flights that would take off from Chandigarh Airport on a daily basis.

  1. Air India’s Chandigarh – Sharjah Flight.
  2. Indigo’s Chandigarh – Dubai Flight.

It is expected that foreign nationals and international tourist activity will increase and hence our airport should be well equipped to manage the security issues.

Apart from security, a lot of other facilities are also coming up at Chandigarh International Airport which would be announced soon.

Image Credits: The Tribune



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