22 Year Old Guy & 40 Year Old Man Murdered in Sector 17 Chandigarh

Crime scenes including eve-teasing, snatching et al in Chandigarh are on a rise. Two brutal murder cases reported in the heart of the city -Sector 17, Chandigarh, in past one week has put under scanner the security  and safety of the city residents. The Chandigarh Police is yet to crack the case to materialise any arrest in both the cases.

When did the murder happen?

Both the murders happened in the wee hours. In the first case a rickshaw-puller Sukhram (40) was found murdered last Monday (May 29) in a corridor close to Bank Square in Sector 17.  In the other case a roadside cigarette vendor identified as Mohammad Nazid (22), a native of Uttar Pradesh was murdered by two unidentified motorcycle-borne youths in Sector 17 during the wee hours this Monday (June 5).

How were they killed?

While Sukhram’s body was found in a pool of blood near the State Bank of India in Sector 17 with his throat slit, 22-year-old Nazid was attacked on the chest by a sharp weapon by the assailants and he succumbed to his injury in hospital.

How they earned their bread?

Nazid earned his lively by selling cigarettes at night on the road dividing sector 22 and sector 17 Chandigarh outside the ISBT whereas Sukhram used to pull rickshaw to make his both ends meet. A resident of Utter Pradesh Sukhram had been staying in Chandigarh for around 20 years and used to sleep in the corridor near Bank Square.

Discoveries so far

In Sukhram’s case the police suspects an old personal enmity with someone. It also ruled out robbery being the intention behind the murder as his purse was found near his body and had the valuables in it. Department also believes that the assailants were known to the deceased. In Nazid’s case two youths riding a motorcycle approached him around 3 am to purchase cigarettes from him. Both entered into an argument after he refused to give them cigarettes. Followed by a heated argument the youth riding pillion attacked the victim on the chest with some sharp weapon.

Recoveries so far

The footage of CCTV cameras installed outside the State Bank of India building have been obtained by the police.  A lathi (wooden stick) has also been found from the scene of crime though the police believes the throat must have been slit using a sharp weapon. A forensic experts’ team have collected blood samples also from the spot. There has been no recovery from the spot of crime in Nazid’s case.

On the papers

Both the cases have been registered against unknown persons in Sector 17 police station.

Source: The Tribune

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