The Ultimate Hair Color Guide for Chandigarh Girls

Long luscious tresses are epitome of women’s beauty. That is why the Chandigarh girls are so beautiful who follow regular beauty and hair care regime. They are even nowhere lacking in experimenting with different types of hair color as per the trends.

Let’s read on some really unique and new hair coloring techniques that can make you look like any Hollywood or Bollywood diva.

Bronde or Blorange

Brown+ Blonde= Bronde and Blonde +Orange=Blorange are the new kids on the block of hair coloring techniques. These techniques are the most recent ones that has hit the hair color fashion industry and will be mostly seen this year. If you remember Deepika Padukone in Cocktail had bronde while Vani Kapoor in Befikre was wearing the blorange. As bronde is suitable to all skin color, blorange is recommended to fair to wheatish skin type.

Chunky highlights

If you are of carefree bird type and a go getter then get the bold and wide universal blonde highlights. This type of hair coloring style is for girls who are confident and live life on their own terms & conditions.┬áJennifer Lopez in the song ‘Ain’t it funny’ is the best example for this kind hair color.


The hot avatar of Aishwarya Rai in the recent ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ made every young and upcoming actresses in Bollywood run for their money. If you want to achieve that look then balayage style hair coloring is best suited for you. These are the thin highlights of auburn and mahogany and goes best on Indian skin tone. It is pronounced as Bo-le-yaaj (Balayage).


This style gives your hair highlights towards the tips of the hair strand mainly in creamy honey or warm hazel color. Ombre is that coloring style that you can think as dip and dye technique. Just similar to Kangana Ranaut in the movie Rangoon. Ombre can be done on both long and short hair but looks great of short or medium length hair.

Balayage driven Ombre

This is the blend of the above two hair coloring techniques balayage and ombre. If done professionally results best on very long to medium length hair. Drew Barrymore’ long cascading tresses is the apt example of balayage driven ombre style. Girls have even tried this out on modern style bob-cuts and the hair colour has turned out very well.


If you are someone who doesn’t mind experimenting and love to flaunt the boldest of the looks then Rainbow is the type of hair coloring techniques for you girl. The different hair colors will portray how fun loving and high spirited you are. Also, it will add character to your personality just like Lady Gaga who is a fashion icon and enthral here fans with whacky and swanky hair colours every time.


Brunette is the safest and the most loved hair coloring style embraced by the girls of Indian origin. It is simple, maintenance free and doesn’t attract unwanted attention from the crowd. If you are a shy, coy and an introvert like the character Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) of the Twilight saga series, then brunette is in best place for you.

I hope you girls of Chandigarh found my blog informative and would love to try any of these hair colour styles this summer season to get the new avatar when new academic year is soon to begin in colleges.

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