Chandigarh MC Will Now Give 6-Month Free Care To Dog Bite Victims

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation decided in a House meeting this Friday that all the dog bite victims will be now provided with free treatment. Both the human and animal serum will be free of cost in Chandigarh dispensaries and the victims from Panchkula and Mohali are also eligible for this.

The free facility will be provided for six months.

The Dog Bite Case

A stray dog in Sector 15 attacked 11 people including elderly last Saturday. The dog was infected with rabies confirmed The Central Research Institute (CRI) who died on the same day. The dog attacked the first victim at 4 am and then attacked another one after an hour. The dog then attacked several other people in a similar way later in the day which stirred panic among the public. This incident became the reason to make the treatment for dog bites free.

Why The Free Treatment?

Being really expensive the human serum costs Rs 20,000 it can not be afforded by the people belonging to lower classes. Therefore, the municipal corporation decides to make the treatment-free for at least six months so that everyone can get good treatment.

The free serums will be provided at the Sector 19 and 38 dispensaries in Chandigarh.

The animal serum costs about Rs 50, whereas the human serum is priced at Rs 20,000. According to the Congress councillor Devinder Singh Babla there is no use of making the animal serum free as it is already available at very low rate. “The stray dogs usually bite people who are on the roads and streets including labourers, rickshaw pullers, fruit vendors etc. who cannot afford a Rs 20,000 serum with their little earnings. Therefore, making both the serums free will be much better”.

Chandigarh’s mayor Asha Jaswal further assured that the whole treatment given to the patient would be free of cost.

The free treatment will be a big relief for the common people who are suffering from the dog bites.



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