Sector 17 Chandigarh to Get a New Life | Here’s How it Would be Done

Sector 17 which is known as the heart of Chandigarh and was once the only place to hang out is all set to get a new life. Chandigarh Administration have chalked out a plan to revive the lost glory of Sector 17 and make it a happening spot of Chandigarh, once again. As per the plan, different commercial activities including events & stalls will come up to attract visitors.

Sector 17 was once an ultimate destination to have fun with friends in Chandigarh. It used to have some great restaurants to eat out and top branded showrooms which attracted people to an extent that the plaza was always crowded during evenings. The “Murga” fountain in the centre used to be full of activity with youngsters everywhere around it.

With changing trends, Sector 17 Chandigarh seems to have lost its charm which has made the crowds disappear. The area which was once flocked with tourists has faced a drastic downfall in terms of footfall. Shopping malls like Elante, DT Mall etc. are surely one of the reason for the downfall of Sector 17 but not the only reason. I guess many of you might not know that a new multiplex has come up in Sector 17. There is a shopping mall in Sector 17.

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The New Things at Sector 17

With the motive to attract crowds and regain the lost glory of Chandigarh’s open mall – Sector 17, Muncipal corporation in association with Chandigarh Administration is all set to launch certain initiatives. The Finance and contract committee (F&CC) meeting was held on march 14. During this meeting the agenda was taken up to give boost to sector 17 . Mayor Arun Sood said that various initiatives will be taken to restore the glory of city centre which is trying to compete with various malls. Some initiatives include:

Events: It has been planned that events will be held at Sector 17 plaza over weekends during evening time to entertain visitors. Earlier, there used to be an event on the stage every Saturday. Something similar will be started soon. These events would include live singers, plays etc.

Uniform Showrooms: To give a new look to Sector 17, all showrooms have been asked to maintain uniformity in corridor and no sign boards will be allowed on outer walls.

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Stalls in Market Area: Attractive stalls would be set up to attract more customers. These stalls will be like temporary set up (with permission of MC) and will sell small items like artificial jewellery, accessories, eatables etc.

Canopies: Companies, shops or other businesses will be given permission to set up canopies in the main area. This will add to the open space in Sector 17 to look colourful.

Social events: Celebration of various festivals and other social events will bring back the lost charm among people.

Cultural activities: These will range from tech events, carnivals , fairs, fashion shows to different talent shows.

Musical Fountain & Laser Show: It will now be held everyday during evening hours.

The overall plan is the effective and innovative utilisation of unused areas and make Sector 17 a happening place. Parking, which was one of the major problem in Sector 17 has also be solved. With all these initiatives, Sector 17 will soon be buzzing with activity.

Parking problem in Sector 17 Solved

A world-class Multi Level Parking comes up in Sector 17, Chandigarh


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