Yet Again, Entire World is Talking About Chandigarh & We’re Loving It | Thanks Modi Ji

Chandigarh, Chandigarh & Chandigarh.

This is the second time that the entire world is talking about Chandigarh making all of us feel proud of our city beautiful. It was our PM Narendra Modi who was in Chandigarh to celebrate International Yoga Day 2016. A crowd of over 32,000 people had gathered at Capitol Complex to give the world a message of good health & wellness through Yoga.

While many of you might not be interested in yoga at all, but it is just due to this International Yoga Day that was organized in Chandigarh that our city’s name is trending worldwide.

The first time #Chandigarh trended worldwide was when the President of France came to Chandigarh for a city tour. Modi ji accompanied him to various tourist spots in Chandigarh including the rock garden, arts museum, capitol complex etc. That was the first time when Narendra Modi visited Chandigarh after being the Prime Minister of India.

This time again, media persons from national as well as international news agencies were in Chandigarh to cover the Yoga event. 21st June is celebrated as International Yoga Day which is not just an Indian event, but is celebrated by all countries that are a part of United Nations.

Twitter and Facebook were full of activity and #Chandigarh was one of the most common hashtag along with #Yoga and of course #Modi.

Well, the credit for trending Chandigarh worldwide goes to our Prime Minister – Narendra Modi. I, on behalf of my city thank you for coming here and giving the world another chance to talk about this beautiful city. 

Why did Modi Ji select Chandigarh for International Yoga Day 2016?

Well, I would love to ask this question if I ever get a chance. But according to me, the Indian PM has realized the importance of this city. Here are few facts that might have led to selection of Chandigarh for this mega event.

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